• Tate Wolverson

*SUSTAINABLE* BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFITS 📚 | Depop clothing haul for back to school, college & un

Here are my back to school outfits which I'm sharing with you in this Depop clothing haul to give you some inspo for going back to school, college or uni! Sustainable & ethical clothes are way cooler than fast fashion, hun 😎

You don't need to be shopping with high street brands anymore. I'm here to show you that you can SAVE MONEY, buy more ETHICALLY & SUSTAINABLY and still have killer outfits in your wardrobe!

Depop are a great way to do this, but there are so many other options & better ways than shopping fast fashion. I've found that Depop & shpock have been excellent!

Although, nothing beats rummaging through a charity or vintage shop 🥰By shopping slow fashion you're supporting local & small businesses as well as being more ethical & sustainable which feels more rewarding!

Here is my YouTube video where I talk about the items that I have purchased & how I style them - a back to school lookbook, if you please!