• Tate Wolverson

AM I A WITCH?! | 10 signs that you're a modern witch without even realising

*Disclaimer* Witchcraft is unique to each individual witch, what works for one may not work for another. We are here to educate not dictate. This is just one of the many reasons that I love witchcraft! It's personal to you & you create your own path. I am a baby witch & I have only been on this path for a few months & I just thought I should share some of my knowledge with the world 🥰

A quickfire debunk of myths & misconceptions

Despite what you may have seen through mainstream media and pop culture, Witches don't fly around on broomsticks wearing black cloaks with pointed hats turning people into toads. Whilst we would absolutely L O V E to have magical powers and the ability to make potions go * poof * this is just simply not true. In reality, witches look like every other human being.

Not all witches are women. In fact, anyone can be a witch regardless of sex or gender identity. Witches have been called many names throughout history "wise women" and "medicine men" are just a couple of the many titles.

Witchcraft & Wicca / other religions

When it comes to witchcraft and Wicca there is often some confusion on the differences between the two. So here is the most simplified way I can explain it

  • Witchcraft: A magickal practice

  • Wicca: A faith or religion

You don't have to follow a specific (or any) religion to be a Witch. There are many witches who are solely practitioners and do not refer to any gods or goddesses in their craft.

Likewise, there are witches who follow the faith of Wicca and will often incorporate deities into their craft.

You can be a witch and follow another religion. You can be a Christian witch, Muslim witch, Hindu witch, Jewish witch etc. As witchcraft itself is merely a practice.

What is a modern witchcraft lifestyle?

This will differ for each individual, but long gone are the days of traditional witchcraft where you need to sacrifice animals, live in the woods and eat children (kidding! Witches never have and never will eat children) Whilst a lot of witches still hold on to the traditional elements of witchcraft, we now live in modern times where things are easily accessible. We don't hunt for food, we don't have to grow our own crops and store items for winter, we have advanced medicine that witches of yore didn't have.

In fact, most modern witches are just like you and me. You can use your phone to cast a spell, you can use your laptop to store all your knowledge, order supplies from Etsy or use a scented bath bomb. I personally like to incorporate a mixture of traditional and modern witchcraft into my practice - it's completely your choice!

My lifestyle looks something like this...



Many witches connect on a deep and spiritual level with the Earth. From as young as I can remember I would always talk to the trees and flowers. I would feel, I mean really feel, the wind on skin and in my hair. I would always feel the vibrations of the Earth as though it was talking back to me. If you have never experienced this then you probably think I'm a crazy person, BUT for those of you who have also experienced this then I urge you not to ignore it. Connect with it and embrace it.


A lot of us have homes that are filled to the brim with copious amounts of house plants to the point that it's looking like a greenhouse, or you'll find witches that are constantly tending to a garden and a herb/vegetable patch. As the majority of witches incorporate the earth and the elements into their craft, it's not surprising that many of us have house plants and gardens.


Crystals have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. I have a large collection of crystals and I honestly have no idea where 99% of them came from. Either way, I'm taking it as a sign from the universe that they are going to play an important part in my life and in my craft. Crystals have been around as long as the earth itself and we use them in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Even friends I know who do not follow any religion or craft, still adore certain crystals and will have them in their home.


Who doesn't love a good scented candle? or... 20 😳 I have so many candles in different shapes, sizes and colours. Did you know that different colours represent different meanings? For example, pink is for love, blue is for calming, green is for money etc. So if you've ever been drawn to a certain colour of a candle it may have a hidden meaning! Correspondingly, scents have meanings too: vanilla is for lust, rose is for love, lemon for healing etc. so these are just some things to consider!


Personally, I do not follow any faith or religion, but I have always believed that there is more to life than meets the eye. I've always felt this connection with the divine and the forces that we cannot physically see. Many of my friends also feel this way and I have had many deep, personal and spiritually awakening conversations with them. Though not every witch is spiritual, it's very common that most are.


Despite what many people think, you don't have to be a witch or follow any religion to manifest your dreams and get your dream life with the law of attraction! For the most part, the law of attraction is scientific as you are essentially matching the natural vibrations of the earth with your own energy. If you haven't looked into this already, I highly recommend that you do as it works like a charm! BUT manifesting and law of attraction at its core is a form of spell casting, just without all the accessories and dramatic detailing


Again, this isn't a necessity as there are witches that do eat meat but on the whole, most witches are vegetarian or vegan. I myself have been vegan since January 2018 and prior to that, I was a vegetarian from 2013. The main reason for this is that it's common for witches to feel a close connection and love for animals, so the thought of eating one just doesn't align with their values.


Continuing from the above, I would say that a high percentage of witches have a bond with animals like no other. We see them as equals, guardians, guides, familiars and so on. We share the earth with them and we can learn a lot from these gracious creatures. Animals can also sense, hear, feel and even see things that we are not able to. This doesn't mean witches adore every single animal, I cannot for the life of me stand snakes, I am petrified of them! That being said, I still respect them and I would never harm one. It's that level of understanding that draws witches and animals together.


Before I became a witch, I was always drawn to specific items of home decor, jewellery and books. I have celestial ornaments (moon and stars), zodiac trinket dishes, glass terrariums, buddha statues, wall hangings, sentimental jewellery from family and an array of books that deal with self-help, witchcraft, the occult and lifestyles. Now, these may not seem like your typical witchy items, but put them all together and you see a very hippie style (basically an Urban outfitters showroom). If you feel drawn to certain items that reflect this, don't ignore it and delve into why you are connected to them


I know many family and friends that aren't witches (at least they don't think they are) but still use forms of divination in their life and it's really not uncommon nor is it solely used for witchcraft. Many practices and religions use divination and have for thousands of years. The most common forms of divination are

  • Tarot cards

  • Other forms of card decks such as oracle and angel

  • Runes

  • Tea leaves

  • Crystal balls

  • Pendulums

There are of course many more and will differ from country to religion to practice. The end goal of divination is to seek understanding or insight into the future or unknown circumstances. It often gives people clarity, reassurance and closure.



A huge, cosmic, prodigious, colossal sign that you're a modern witch is that you already have an interest in witchcraft! Shocking, right?! Whether it's through pop culture, stumbling across a book or knowing a practising witch personally, there are signs the universe sends us to let us know what path we should take.

I have always had an interest in the craft throughout my life. During my teenage years, I dabbled in and out of witchcraft and Wicca, but it never ended well and I didn't fully connect with it, purely because it just wasn't the right time. Then earlier in 2020, I picked up a book and read about modern witchcraft and something inside of me just clicked. I didn't connect with Wicca or any other religion, but I strongly felt a pull towards witchcraft and that's when I realised why...

Because I already was one this entire time!

I looked around my room and suddenly everything just fitted into place. Everything that I mentioned above I already had in my life. I finally accepted who I was and the path I was about to take. A few months down the line I can honestly say that I am the happiest I've ever been and I owe it all to Witchcraft ✨