• Tate Wolverson

*SHOCKING* FAST FASHION FACTS 😱 | Why I stopped shopping fast fashion brands & Boohoo scandal 2020

I wanted to share these SHOCKING facts that I found out about FAST FASHION & how it is affecting our planet. The reasons that I stopped shopping with fast fashion brands & how I shop sustainably & ethically. OH & let's not forget what Boohoo did during COVID-19!

No one expects you to be perfect. It is almost impossible to be 100% ethical & sustainable for the average human. BUT what we can do is help to slow down our spending habits & by shopping locally & buying clothes that are sustainable & ethical. Even by doing a little bit at a time, we are massively helping the rise of slow fashion.

I hope you enjoy the video & now have more insight into the awful industry. As I mentioned above, no one expects you to be perfect, but actively making the choice to cut down & stop consuming so much fast fashion will definitely help!