• Tate Wolverson

ROOM TOUR 2020 ✨ | My aesthetic Pinterest + Urban Outfitters inspired room tour

My bedroom is very Urban Outfitters and Pinterest inspired. I would describe my room as having a boho/hippie vibe whilst still having that minimal aesthetic and is one of the things I get a lot of compliments for on Instagram.

I asked my Instagram followers if they would like to see a "Room Tour" style video and I got a huge response! I was so shocked that so many people wanted to see my room. So here it is! A YouTube room tour for all the Millennials out there that are in need of some inspo 🥰

I think your bedroom should be a space where you feel at peace and relaxed. A place that represents you as a person and gives you a sense of calm and positive energy.

In my video, I go through all the key areas of my bedroom and give you samples of how I make my room look aesthetic. I take my inspiration from Pinterest and the products from Urban Outfitters home. I hope the video gives you the inspo you were looking for or at least some decor ideas 🥰