• Tate Wolverson

MORNING COFFEE ROUTINE ☕ | My spring morning routine in quarantine + How I brew my coffee 🌼


Why a morning coffee routine? Well, I would say that I am a coffee enthusiast. I always start my mornings with a cup of coffee and I simply cannot function without one. I drink around 3 cups of coffee a day, it used to be double hat but one of my new year's resolutions was to reduce my caffeine intake and I now only drink coffee before 3pm. The lovely team over at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee were kind enough to send me two of their favourite coffees to try out (side note: they were delicious).

Coffee plays a major part in my morning routine and I was shocked that a lot of people don't know how to properly brew their coffee. So I thought I'd share with you my morning routine + how I brew my coffee and hopefully, you can pick up tips!

On a normal day, I wake up between 6am & 7am and usually end up snoozing for half an hour, oops! After tossing and turning through my snooze, I eventually drag myself out of bed, by which point I am craving my morning cup of joe! There are 2 ways that I like to brew my coffee:

Coffee Machine

This is my preferred method as it has a timer on it, so the night before I will set it to start pouring at 8am. I love this setting as I am able to wake up and my coffee is there waiting for me. I don't have to fumble around trying to brew coffee half asleep. I just get up, pour and I'm good to go!

French Press (Cafetiere)

An alternative method for when I am feeling more Parisian. I use my cafetiere around mid-morning. Add your desired amount of coffee (mine is 4 spoons for 2-4 cups of coffee) and boil the kettle. Make sure you leave the kettle to cool for at least 1 min after it's boiled as pouring boiling water onto coffee will burn it and ruin the flavour. Once poured, leave the coffee to brew for around 4-5 mins so the coffee can be infused with the water. Press down on the plunger and pour away!

As I mentioned earlier, Union Roasted sent me two of their coffees to try out. I shall link them below so that you can read about them. I also show you all the coffees mentioned and my full routine in my YouTube video which you can see below 🥰

I hope this video lets you escape from the outside world, it's a very strange time for us all with the current pandemic that is happening. The last few weeks have been difficult for us all, we're having to adapt to a new temporary way of life. Take the time in your morning to sit down with your cup of coffee (or tea) and just shut off for a few minutes. Put your phone away, close your eyes and give yourself the chance to breathe. Hopefully, this will make your day just that little bit better!

* Disclaimer *

These items were gifted to me. Union have not paid me to create this post or video. I wanted to make them as I genuinely love their brand and their coffee is incredibly delicious 🥰

✨Union Hand-Roasted Coffee:

Website https://unionroasted.com

CoffeeClub https://coffeeclub.unionroasted.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unionroasted

Bobolink https://unionroasted.com/collections/bestsellers/products/bobolink-brazil

"A silky body and mouthfeel. Experience a balanced coffee with subtle fruit acidity and the smoothness of milk chocolate, roasted almonds. Grown by a network of farmers working together with our long-standing partner Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF). That’s ‘Environmental Fortress Farm’ in Portuguese – where farmers produce beautiful coffees, in a sustainable and innovative way."

João Hamilton 2028 https://unionroasted.com/products/joao-hamilton-faf-2028-brazil

"João Hamilton is a Brazilian farmer who we’ve been working with since 2010.

João uses no harmful chemicals on his coffee plants. He was inspired by Marcos and Felipe Croce from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), a farm who are pioneers of environmentally-friendly coffee farming. João has made changes to his farming practices, focussing on high-quality coffee through the most environmental means possible.

This is a juicy and delicate cup with notes of cherry, tangerine and macadamia, with a citrus-like acidity, making a sweet and refreshing filter."