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Lockdown has been a struggle for us all, however, there are some little things that have helped me get through the last month. Below is a list of my summer lockdown favourite for June. Products I have used, books I have read, shows I'm binging, even my favourite foods & drink! I have categorised this list to make it a little easier for you to read. Okay, here we go...


Majority of my skincare involves products from Lush. I find that they work well with my skin and it's currently the best it's ever been.

For my facial cleanser I use 'Let the Good Times Roll' which smells just like popcorn and even has the odd kernel or two in the pot - please refrain from eating it though - this product always leaves my face feeling deeply cleansed and exfoliated without irritation. The biggest bonus is my face ends up smelling like sweet popcorn.

Once I have patted my face dry with a towel, I spritz my face with the 'Tea Tree Water' which helps to keep my blemishes at bay. Not only that but it is a cooling godsend in high temperatures - perfect for removing makeup and suncream!

For most of my young adult life, I suffered from acne as a lot of us do, thankfully now that I'm 23 my skin has improved drastically and is the best it has ever been. However, I am prone to a monthly breakout of one or two spots. To combat this I use 'Grease Lightning' daily by applying a couple of squirts into my hand and rubbing it all over my face. You can just apply it to specific problem areas though.

I don't go a day without moisturising! Due to my skin problems as a teenager, I now suffer from combination - oily skin, so I don't wait to overdo it and make my skin look or feel too greasy. 'Enzymion' is the perfect moisturiser for this and I have used it for years. The citrus smell of it always reminds me of my nostalgic teenage summers where I'd be whisking up and down the country visiting friends. A lovely thing to have in mind during lockdown.

Eye cream is so important in a skincare regime, sadly a lot of people overlook this but not me, I have recently started using the Garnier 'Organic Lavandin Anti Age Eye Cream' and I cannot recommend this product enough! It has done wonders for my eyes in just under a month. The sensitive skin around my eyes now always feels soft and taken care of. What drew me to this product was that it contained lavender, it's organic and vegan - perfect!

When I purchased my Garnier eye cream I also came across their lavender skin oil. The Garnier 'Organic Lavandin Smooth and Glow Facial Oil' had reviews that said it gave people a natural glow. This product is quite oily... which as it's an oil I'm not surprised by 😂 So I only apply this every couple of weeks before bed just to give my skin a little extra boost!

Prior to lockdown, I used 'D'Fluff' shaving soap from Lush (it's their only vegan shaving product at the moment) however it has been unavailable for quite a while due to the pandemic, I assume, so I had to try and find an alternative. My skin is quite sensitive and when using other shaving products in the past I had broken razor burns. Then I discovered Bulldog! The Bulldog 'Sensitive Foaming Shave Gel' is a dream. They're vegan, cruelty-free and ethical, so how could I refuse? Safe to say this was an excellent purchase.


During the beginning of lockdown, I had stopped using my colognes as I wasn't going anywhere for me to justify using them. Lately, I have been going out on more walks and getting a little dressed up to meet friends and family (socially distancing of course) which meant I could start using them again!

My two most used Jo Malone colognes are 'Myrhh & Tonka' and 'Velvet Rose & Oud'. I adore the Jo Malone fragrances with all my heart however, I recently discovered that the company tests on animals in China. Whilst this isn't something that happens in the UK, knowing that it happens when it's imported into China is simply something I cannot stand by. Therefore until this policy is abolished I shall not be purchasing from them. That being said, I shall still use the fragrances I have and make them last as long as possible

I've mentioned Lush products a lot in this post and that's because I love everything about their brand and their products... except maybe the price point. One of the best products, in my opinion, is the deodorant bars simply because they last for absolute ages! NO REALLY! I purchased this deodorant bar back in, I think in late December? And I'm only just halfway through it. I could make a whole video and post about this, but for now, let's just say it's a lockdown favourite!


One of the benefits of lockdown is I have had a lot more time to start reading again and I had forgotten how much I love reading. I have been reading many books recently on a wide array of topics, but two that are prevalent are 'Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life' and 'Japonisme: Ikigai, Forest Bathing, Wabi-sabi and more'.

'Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life' is a book I had sitting on my shelf for over a year now and was always one of those "I'll read that later" kind of books, however "later" never came. That is until a week ago and oh my goodness this has to be one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. It made me realise that I have been living my life completely wrong trying to fit into Westerrnised social norms. This book is an absolute life and game changer!

'Japonisme: Ikigai, Forest Bathing, Wabi-sabi and more' is following on from the previous book, you can see the theme I'm going with here... Now I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that I haven't yet finished this book, I'm only a small way into it but I love it already. The aesthetic alone is enough to make you fall in love, but I'm just really into lifestyle atm and I want to try and adapt and change my mindset for a better and healthier way of living.


Seeing as it's going to be a while before we can travel the world again, I decided to catch up on Joanna Lumley's travel docs. I had seen bits of them here and there and I had always been in love with Joanna since watching 'Absolutely Fabulous', sweetie, darling. I have now become obsessed with her even more and the outlook and love for the natural world which has resulted in me binge-watching almost all of her series to date. For a splash of culture and worldwide travel from the comfort of your bed I highly suggest giving them a watch.


Sticking with this Japanese trope I seem to be on, I have been missing the divine food from 'Wagamama'. After much googling, I have created a recipe from a mixture of sources for the 'Vegatsu' a vegan Katsu curry. It is surprisingly almost as good as the 'Wagamama' dish - almost! I think I'm going to share this recipe very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that 👀

To go alongside this, I've also been drinking a lot more green tea for many reasons. The main one being the health benefits that come with drinking the tea. I think it's especially important to be taking care of our bodies in this current time by eating as much fruit and veggies that we can and ingesting herbal teas to help give our bodies that little extra boost.

On the flip side, it's also important to not take everything too seriously and to actually take a night to chill out and relax. I don't know about you but I like a good drink every now and then - usually a gin. That is until an old colleague of mine introduced me to a restaurant in Birmingham called 'The Stable' who specialise in pizza and cider (FYI the vegan food here is top-notch). I've never been a fan of cider, it always seems to give me heartburn so I usually steer clear of the stuff, BUT her insisted I try this particular one and * Janice voice * OH. MY. GOD. Love at first taste! I've drunk it wherever it's sold ever since. In lockdown this is of course not the case, so I took to their website and purchased 5L of 'Lilley's Mango Cider' which is non-sparkling cider and is literally like drinking syrup - delicious!


For anyone that knows me at all, you'll know that I have a slight obsession with vintage and retro cameras. Over the last couple of years, I have purchased disposable cameras and had the film developed for the nostalgic glossy photo prints. But I didn't feel good that I kept throwing these cameras away, so I decided to do some digging and find a 35mm camera.

After much scrolling through Facebook marketplace, I found an absolute bargain! An Olympus Trip XB3 for £8 😱 to many of you that probably won't make much sense, let's just say these kinds of camera usually sell for anything £50+. It's been great for lockdown as I'm able to document certain events on film and I've sent off for my first roll of film to be developed. How exciting!

I've rambled on enough now about my current summer favourites during lockdown. I would just like to mention that I haven't been sponsored by any of these products or companies and these are all my honest opinions. I just wanted to share them with you 🥰

As well as this blog post, I also created a YouTube video of all the items I've talked about. So if you would like to support me and watch that I shall leave it linked below. If you have found this post through that video, then hello! Thanks for checking out my blog!

It would be wonderful if you tried any of these products/books/shows etc out. If you did let me know by tagging me on Instagram!


Tate ✨