• Tate Wolverson

SECRET THRIFT STORE DIY CLOTHING HACKS | My 3 secrets to making your clothes fit your body perfectly

All of our bodies are different. We all differ in shapes, heights, sizes and builds, so it is near impossible to find an item of clothing that is perfectly fitting for you. HOWEVER, I have 3 tiny secrets that I'm going to let you in on. This will completely change the way you shop forever. Whenever I tell my friends this clothing hack, it is revolutionary to them and now it's time that I told you too. Ready? Here it is...

Before I tell you, let's get one thing out there, we all struggle to find a pair of jeans that fit us to perfection or that jumper which sits exactly to our waistline or a jacket that isn't too boxy. The reality is, is you're never, ever going to find an item of clothing that perfectly fits your specific body. Sure you may be a size 8 or 26inch waist or a size XL but they are just generic sizing.

For example, I'm a 28inch waist and usually an XS-S in t-shirts. My hypothetical friend... umm... "Steven", let's go with Steven. Steven is also a 28inch waist and is also an XS-S in t-shirts, so how do we differ? I'm 5"5, Steven is 5"10. I have a bigger bum than Steven. Steven's arms are more muscular. Do you see where I'm going with this?

So WHY are we still trying to conform our bodies to these unreal idealistic expectations that fast fashion brands are providing us? As consumers, we have the ability and the power to change the clothes we buy in order to fit us correctly and here's how you can do it!

Thrift shopping, charity shop shopping, vintage shopping, vintage fairs, depop, shpock etc. Basically, secondhand is the way forward. Not only is this a more sustainable way of shopping- Don't worry I have an entire post about Fast Fashion coming soon -, but you're also helping to support local businesses and charities. But how does that make clothes fit you better? Well, they're way cheaper that's for sure and they're usually better quality material which means you have more leniency when it comes to tailoring and altering them.

This is also beneficial for when you find an item of clothing that you fall in love with but refrain from buying because it's "too big" or "too small"... Hello! Hun! Are you okay?! Do you like the design? Do you like the material? Okay, so buy the damn jacket and let's make it fit you shall we?

So, here's the secret...

1) Buy clothes bigger than the size you are

If you're a size 10 or 34inch waist, go a size or two up. You don't want to go too big as then you'll be left with excess fabric that will just get in the way. Likewise, with tees and jumpers, these are easily altered if they are bigger, but again I would refrain from going too big as you'll be left with enough material to make a tent

2) Thrift flip or DIY your clothes

Did you know that you don't have to buy new clothes and that you can just rework the ones you currently own? I know! Crazy, right? Darling, I know you have a box, bag, or pile of clothes that you haven't worn for possibly years. Why not dig through them and find some items that you can transform! This can also be done with old clothes from your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it

3) Tailoring and Altering

Not everyone has a sewing machine and even if you did, not everyone can sew. Is that going to stop you? No! There are local services (sometimes even people you know on your street, like Sandra at number 10) that will do all this work for you for a small fee. Depending on what it is you want altering, getting clothes tailored is pretty inexpensive and still works out cheaper than buying a brand new pair of jeans.

That's it! Yep, it really is that simple. Yet it completely changed the way I now shop for clothes. No longer is my mindset...

"I have to find something I can fit into"

Instead, I now have the mentally of...

"What clothes can I rework to fit my body"

Instead, I know just look for clothes that I like that I can change it fit MY body and not the other way around, which is exactly how it should be!


I think it's only fair to point out that not everyone wants fitted clothes and a lot of us like to wear oversized items, which is fine. I'm just suggesting that if you did want to alter or tailor these oversized clothes, you 100% can! Believe me, I have plenty of oversized jumpers, tees and coats so you're not alone!

Those are my 3 secrets to making your clothes fit you perfectly. I hope that you all get crafty and rework your clothes to suit your current style 🥳You can also check out my YouTube video which goes hand in hand with this blog post!