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BLOGUARY #4 • Plan 2021 with me • creating a pressure-free plan for 2021

Welcome to the fourth & final instalment of this mini-series I'm doing, to see the first three posts you can click here for number 1, here for number 2 & here for number 3. Once you're all caught up then come back to this one 🥰

Happy 2021! I'm back on my website & ready to fill it with all of the blog posts that I am itching to write. I'm also doing Vloguary on YouTube (the link for my Vloguary video will be featured at the bottom of this post as well as on my homepage). I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever it was you celebrated. Did you enjoy your New Year's? Not that we could get up to much, but still, it's nice to finally say goodbye to 2020.

First things first, I'll explain a little about what Bloguary/Vloguary shall consist of. Bloguary shall be a weekly blog post of things that I got up to during the week & each week will have a main theme or topic that I focus on - I've planned them out in advanced. Vloguary shall follow a similar structure but will be in YouTube format (I'll also add each Vloguary video onto my Bloguary post).

My Word for the Year

Rather than setting myself goals & resolutions, this year I decided to pick a word that would be my theme for 2021. I saw that a few people had also jumped on this trend, isn't it funny how sometimes we're all in sync with each other? Anyway, I chose the word 'Growth' & applied it to different aspects of my life. I used the categories 'Business growth', 'Educational growth' & 'Personal growth'.

Business Growth

This year I aim to grow my social media accounts & invest time into developing my photography, videography & editing. I've been saying in my YouTube videos recently that I really want to start to build a community with my audience & the people who engage with my content. We're human beings & I'd love to start conversations with you - I have a lot of thoughts about social media that I'll be sharing over the next few months. You're not just a vanity metric, a number or follower, you're a human being!

Woah, that got deep! Anyway, long story short, I've set myself some business milestones that I liked to achieve by the end of the year BUT if I don't quite reach them, that's okay. At least I've tried & that's what matters

Educational Growth

I didn't read as many books as I would've liked to last year, which is baffling considering I was sat at home for most of it. I'm the type of person who loves to learn! I thrive off of knowledge & research & have a very strong academic side that really balances out my creative side. When I find something I'm passionate about I like to really fixate on it & try to research all that I can about it. So naturally I want to read a lot more about witchcraft but also delve into other things that interest me & try to expand my knowledge

Personal Growth

I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts & also on my YouTube channel, but 2020 was a very transitional & life-changing year for me (as I'm sure it was for a lot of people). It taught me a lot about myself & I grew so much & completely changed who I was as a person. 2020 also made me realise what I wanted to do with my life & where I wanted to go & what mattered the most to me. The person I was starting 2020 is vastly different to the person I was when I entered 2021 & I would love to continue this journey & becoming myself. Is that too cliche? Maybe. Nonetheless, developing yourself & striving to be a better person is always something well worth your time & energy 🥳

Now that I have picked the word that will be the theme for my 2021, it's time to start actually planning! Or at least try to start planning...

Planning my Week

I've yet to find a planner, journal or desk pad that has a layout that works for me. So until then I just create my own! (You can see an example of this in my YouTube video). The way I structure it is I set out my week Mon - Sun, 6am-10pm & schedule in the core things I know I'll be doing around the same time each week (e.g. workout, breakfast). Then I have 3 lists on the side that say

  • Top 3 To Do: These are the most important tasks that must get done that week

  • Lower Priority: These are tasks that do need to get done but if for some reason I don't complete them, they can roll over to the following week

  • Weekly Tasks: Things I do on a weekly basis or notes of things I need to do that week (e.g. food shop, online banking)

I then have a little space at the bottom for any additional notes or doodles - who doesn't love a good doodle when you're on the phone?!

Make a List

If there's something to plan, you can bet your bottom dollar that I've made a list for it. I absolutely love making 'to do lists' - mainly because I end up forgetting what it is that I need to do. Plus, making a list is a great way of managing your time better & it's always a nice feeling when you get to cross something off your list!

Content Planning

Naturally as a content creator, I have to set aside some time to plan what I'm making content about. I usually do this by having a brain dump every month or so about all the things I want to create or discuss. Bloguary/vloguary was great for this as I was able to combine a few ideas into one piece of content.

If you're planning content or have to plan something similar, the easiest way to do it is to look at national & international holidays throughout the year & try to plan ahead for it. An example of this is Valentine's Day - which is creeping up very soon so I'll be making a couple of things around that 💖

My Plans for the Future

Planning years in advance is something I don't normally do. I see people making 3, 5 & 10 year plans - how?! I don't understand this as trying to plan that far ahead, in my mind, isn't possible. You never know where you're going to be, who you'll meet, what you'll be doing etc. That being said, I have created a little 'In 5 years time' category in my planning. This isn't filled with big goals like "I want my business to be earning over £200K per year!" but rather things like "I'd like to have a cat" or "I hope to have my own apartment" little light-hearted things that I can keep adding to.

To Sum Up

Being in a global pandemic is obviously not the norm, so trying to plan your year needs to be something that's achievable & fun! AND you also don't have to plan or accomplish any goals if you don't feel like it. 2021 is all about taking the pressure off & going at our own pace. We shouldn't be made to feel bad because our level of productivity is different to someone else's.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post & my bloguary series! Feel free to check out my social media to keep up to date with what I'm doing in my life. Stay safe & I hope you have a lovely day, mwah! 🥰

Vloguary #4