• Tate Wolverson

BLOGUARY #3• Declutter, Deep clean & Organise my room with me

Welcome to the third instalment of this mini-series I'm doing, to see the first two posts you can click here for number 1 & here for number 2. Once you're all caught up then come back to this one 🥰

Happy 2021! I'm back on my website & ready to fill it with all of the blog posts that I am itching to write. I'm also doing Vloguary on YouTube (the link for my Vloguary video will be featured at the bottom of this post as well as on my homepage). I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever it was you celebrated. Did you enjoy your New Year's? Not that we could get up to much, but still, it's nice to finally say goodbye to 2020.

First things first, I'll explain a little about what Bloguary/Vloguary shall consist of. Bloguary shall be a weekly blog post of things that I got up to during the week & each week will have a main theme or topic that I focus on - I've planned them out in advanced. Vloguary shall follow a similar structure but will be in YouTube format (I'll also add each Vloguary video onto my Bloguary post).

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

One of the things I like to do of a New Year is to go through everything in my room & have a good old declutter & spring clean! I usually create 4 piles: keep, donate, unsure, bin (recycle if possible)

  • Keep: An item that I know I use often, or intend to use in the future, that will be remaining in my bedroom

  • Donate: An item that no longer serves me & that I want to get rid of but not throw away. Usually I'll ask friends or family if they would like it before either selling or taking to a charity shop

  • Unsure: An item that I should really get rid of but don't want to. I'll give myself a 6 month window & if I haven't used or worn it by then, it's going to the donate pile

  • Bin: Anything that is rubbish or clutter that serves no purpose. If possible, I will recycle whatever it is that I throw away.

Not only is this a good way to clear out your life but having less clutter & keeping things tidy & put away will also keep your mind clutter free too, at least for me it does. That's not to say that I'm in any way a minimalist, I still keep random objects that hold sentimental value, but they're neatly put away in boxes & aren't taking up valuable space.

This year I wanted to utilise the storage that I have. Living as an adult in a small bedroom means that I have a lot of stuff... well, I don't actually have that much. If I were to spread it across my own apartment it would look empty, but when it's all crammed into one room it looks cramped. I aim to move out of my mum's within the next year so it's a good time to try & cut down on the things that I own & box up what I can. Under bed storage is an absolute godsend - I have clear boxes that are all full. They were filled with all sorts of random stuff from old documents to screws from IKEA. I went in with the mindset of "What do I NEED to keep in my room" which allowed me to get rid of anything that didn't need to be in here. After doing this, the boxes are now filled with things that were taking up cupboard space that didn't need to be in cupboards, but that I still needed access to in my room.

Having a small wardrobe means I have limited space for clothing storage, although I do have a chest of drawers too but even that isn't enough. The over-bed storage (part of my wardrobe) was hosting my DVD's, which in honesty I rarely watch these days. I had books just piled up on the floor, so I decided to put those in the over-bed cupboards & put the DVD's in a box under my bed. It's all about utilising the space you have & what takes priority.

I have way too many clothes that I no longer wear, so it was an excellent time to pull out what I wanted to donate. Many of them I'll give to friends, charity or sell online. I'm also in the process of creating a base wardrobe (a capsule wardrobe of sorts) of core clothing items that I'll need for most outfits. It won't be long until all the knit sweaters will be put away to make room for all my spring & summer clothes, so with that in mind I popped away all my winter accessories & brought out the summer clothes. Yes, it's way too early for that, but I wanted to have a clear out of those too!

Now that I have decluttered my room & have given it a good spring clean, I feel a lot more prepared for the year ahead & I do quite like having less stuff. Of course I'll still buy clothes & other bits & bobs throughout the year, but at least now I'll be able to properly curate my room & wardrobe.