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bloguary #1 • Gifts, NYE & 2021

Happy 2021! I'm finally back on my website & ready to fill it with all of the blog posts that I am itching to write. I'm also doing Vloguary on YouTube (the link for my Vloguary video will be featured at the bottom of this post as well as on my homepage). I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever it was you celebrated. Did you enjoy your New Year's? Not that we could get up to much, but still, it's nice to finally say goodbye to 2020.

First things first, I'll explain a little about what Bloguary/Vloguary shall consist of. Bloguary shall be a weekly blog post of things that I got up to during the week & each week will have a main theme or topic that I focus on - I've planned them out in advanced. Vloguary shall follow a similar structure but will be in YouTube format (I'll also add each Vloguary video onto my Bloguary post). With all that out of the way let's begin...

The Finale of 2020

I wanted to share a couple of cute things that I got for Christmas as this year, as you all know, was a very different festive period. I wasn't feeling all that festive if I'm honest, so I wasn't too bothered about receiving gifts & I told family & friends that I'd rather just spend time with them when I could. However I was pleasantly surprised that I got some really thoughtful gifts & it made me realise that friends & family had paid attention to what I like 🥺

My mum bought me 3 witchy books & there's a story behind them. When I opened them I had chills because prior to this I had picked up all 3 of them in a bookstore but decided to buy them at a later date. I never discussed them with my mum yet somehow she bought all 3 of them. Spooky-ooky! I was very pleased with them, to say the least. My Nan also bought me a Vegan cookbook which looks absolutely delicious & my friend Mollie bought me a social media planner which is the most helpful journal I've seen! Aside from books, I just had a few bits & bobs such as a candle wax melt burner (with gingerbread scented soy wax melts), some ethical & sustainable gifts from my friend Honica& some Lush bath bombs from my aunt. Mollie also bought me a grey hoodie with the Mean Girls quote "She doesn't even go here" - I no longer shop fast fashion, but as I hadn't seen Mollie all year she had no idea of this & in her defence I did absolutely love it (it's also extremely soft & comfy. Pair this with a Starbucks & sunglasses, this makes the perfect hangover outfit). As I mainly asked for money to put away for savings, that's pretty much what I got from everyone else. Oh & quite a lot of alcohol 🥂

I spent the week of Christmas drinking wine & eating some delicious food, there wasn't really much else to do tbh. With all the leftover food & alcohol from Christmas, we decided to throw on some cosy outfits on Boxing Day & have a little buffet. I ate many spring rolls & Ritz crackers (with Vegan Wensleydale & Cranberry cheese) I was stuffed! A couple days after Christmas though, we had a lot of snow appear out of nowhere, so naturally I had to go & have a little snow day photoshoot (thanks to my Mum for taking the photos)

With NYE only days away I knew I wanted to get dressed up & enter 2021 looking fabulous. I created a 'Party Season' Pinterest board for all of my outfit inspo. I think it's the best way to truly know what you want to wear & you can get on idea of what to look for when you're shopping. It's how I curate a lot of my outfits & decor.

A few weeks ago I managed to find this absolutely gorgeous blouse from a vintage shop in Shrewsbury called The Vault Vintage & was an incredible total of £5! Bargain! It perfectly matched the outfits I had been saving on Pinterest so it seemed only logical to use it. On the neck of the blouse, there were two ties that were there to knot into a bow, however, they just didn't sit right so I decided to do a little thrift flip/DIY to the blouse. I hand stitched the ties back on themselves to create a sort of collar, safe to say it actually turned out pretty good! Earlier in the year, before all this madness happened, I picked up some pleated trousers in a charity shop for £1, yes you read that right, £1! The colour of them complimented the blouse but the pant legs seemed too wide & it made the outfit feel incomplete. Putting my sewing skills to the test (and with 2 days to go until NYE) I proceeded to taper the trousers & give them a newer shorter hemline. I got so many compliments about this outfit & I was so impressed that I was able to completely transform these two items into a killer outfit that fitted my body type. Pairing the outfit with my vegan Doc Martens I thought it was a very Queer & glittery NYE look. Of course, I was only able to wear this in my living room, but one day when clubs are open again I cannot wait to wear this outfit & let it thrive in its full potential. Aside from the Docs, this outfit cost me a total of £6.

A New Chapter

Jan 1st I spent doing absolutely nothing. To my surprise, I didn't have a hangover, just a little bit of a fuzzy head which cleared quite quickly after a cup of coffee & a bottle of water. By the evening I was feeling pretty motivated & decided to give my room a bit of a clean. I dusted, antibact'd & vacuumed the carpet. I even washed my bedding so that it was fresh for the new year. I finished the evening with a Lush bath - using one of the Lush bath bombs my aunt bought me for Christmas & then toppled into bed for a good nights sleep. I haven't been sleeping that well lately due to all of the chaos going on, the food & the drinking.

So, that's it. 2020 is gone! A year ago, none of us could've predicted how 2020 would turn out. However, I'm hopeful that 2021 will be much better, it has to be right? Despite the fact that 2020 was a terrible year in general, to me it was actually a pretty great year. This year I completely transformed & flourished into someone new.

In January 2020 I was going through a really tough time emotionally. I was finally processing my emotions from a breakup I had in 2019. With moving back home & working all the time, I didn't allow myself the time to fully process what had gone on. I went through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. I kept joking to my coworkers that I was "due a breakdown lol" & it wasn't until December 2019 that I realised that I was already having one. I was unstable, fragile & unsure of who I was & lost a lot of weight as a result. Over the next few months, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, where I was going & who I even was. On top of all that, we were in the midst of a global pandemic, so this year really wasn't off to a great start at all.

When the pandemic hit I was faced with two options. I could either sit at home & do nothing & be miserable. Or, I could start to change my mindset & turn my life around. No brainer, I opted for the second one. I started eating healthier foods & working out. It was around this time that I also found my path of Witchcraft which allowed me to completely change my outlook on the world. I created a Pinterest board called 'Groovy Vibes' which I packed full of uplifting quotes & daily affirmations, which I would read aloud each morning, including mindfulness & manifestation. All of these things combined changed me completely. I had messages from friends telling me that I was a" ray of sunshine" which of course made me full of joy. I spent so long looking for someone who I could look up & aspire to be like, a hero if you will. 2020 made me realise that instead of looking for that person, why don't I, instead, become that person for myself?

So now I am working towards being the person that younger me would've loved to have seen growing up. I know this all very mushy, but this growth really helped me this year & for once I finally feel happy & in control of my life & how I'm feeling. Being optimistic for 2021 is very risky, but I am so hopeful for this year. Mainly because I know that I'm going to keep growing & learning & getting closer to the person I want to be. Not only that but this year is full of changes for me, eek! I'm both excited & nervous to see who, where & what I'll be in December 2021/January 2022.

This January also marks my 3rd year of being vegan! I've learned a lot about veganism & which meals I can cook quickly that pack a punch - even for those of us who aren't the best chefs! So, in my next post, I'm going to share all of my vegan knowledge, a couple of my favourite recipes & tips on how to go vegan with Veganuary. If that's something you think will be of interest to you, then stick around for my next post 🥰

See you soon! & Happy New Year! ✨🥂🍾 🥳

Vloguary #1