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About me

tate wolverson

Tate is a twenty-three-year-old aspiring actor and digital creator from Wolverhampton. This blog, along with his other platforms, is like an open diary where he expresses his creativity, lifestyle and thoughts. When he's not working or typing away at his desk, you'll most likely find him in the corner of a coffee shop or running through a train station. 


As a plant-loving, veggie-gone-vegan, coffee enthusiast, you'll find posts about Tate's latest fashion, skincare, lifestyle and beverages. All of these have an accompanying photo and or video, which you can see on his Instagram and YouTube.


Whilst beginning his career as a digital creator, Tate also intends to become a freelance photographer and be as innovative as can be. Tate has always loved taking and editing photos/videos and cannot wait to embark on this creative journey.


"I hope that you enjoy my blog and what I have to offer."