November 04, 2018

We're well into the cosy autumn season with Halloween now gone and Christmas just around the corner, how did that happen so quickly? So it's time to start lighting those scented candles, sipping your hot chocolate, snuggling up in those blankets, and of course, buying your favourite Lush winter products! In September I had the absolute delight of attending Birmingham Lush's Winter Wonderland, which featured all of their new products for the Autumn and Winter season. It was a wonderful night filled with all sorts of spooky and wintery smells, we even got to try out some of the products and interact with fellow bloggers and Lushies alike!

Everyone's favourite Lush Christmas product is back! Snow Fairy makes her grand return in more than one form. The newest and most popular addition to the Snow Fairy family is the "bubblegum breeze", "candy floss", "happy making" body spray! I had the pleasure of smelling this up close and personal and it's honestly one of the loveliest scents in the entire store. If you are a lover of this perfectly pink product, you'll definitely want to grab one (or two) of these as they're limited edition! 

Sadly, since moving out of my Mum's house(almost two years ago!), I am no longer able to enjoy a Lush bath with their amazing bath bombs and bubble bars. That being said, their line of Snow Fairy bath bomb's and bubble bars are simply beautiful. The Magic Wand is a great way to turn your bath time into a magical, bubbly haven! The great thing about Lush bubble bars is that they are reusable, which means you can create your pink bath kingdom over and over again! Lush are well known for their bath bombs, that's a given, but have you ever had a bath bomb that turns your water into jelly? The Snow Fairy jelly bomb does exactly that... sort of! This bomb will turn your bath into a gorgeous pink ocean, with a layer of jelly on the top, it's not as weird as it sounds though. It's actually really fun to play with and makes your skin super soft, and of course smells like Snow Fairy! If the idea of bathing in a jelly layered bath doesn't appeal to you, then not to worry as Snow Fairy also has a sister bath bomb - Cheery Christmas! This blackcurrant scented bath bomb will turn your bath into a soothing purple colour, and whilst this is not the Snow Fairy scent, it is definitely a festive bath bomb! As I said, she's Snow Fairy's sister, not her twin.
If you're like me and you do not have access to a bath, then these next couple of products will be well suited for your Winter washing needs! Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things you can do as a human, think of how many dirty things you can touch throughout your day! Snow Fairy Soap is here to save your day (and your hands) because who doesn't want their hands to smell sweet? I sure do and I'll definitely be picking some up the next time I pop into Lush, my Christmas guests will be talking about it for months! Snow Fairy Shower Gel will give that o' so familiar fragrance and leave your skin feeling clean, soft and smelling like a ball of bubblegum. You can buy this in its original form of a recycled plastic bottle, or if you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption you can opt for the Naked Snow Fairy Shower Gel instead! The product is just a solidified version and still smells and works the same as the bottled one, only this time no plastic is used! These two versions also apply to the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner which also comes in a Pot and Naked version. The conditioner really finishes off your Snow Fairy washing experience by not only nourishing your skin but protecting it from drying out in the cold weather ahead... brr. It also stops the skin from the becoming dry due to the warm air in our homes caused by heating. It's important to keep yourself moisturised!

I think that's all the Snow Fairy products although I could be wrong and I'm certainly sure I've missed a few! BUT do you want to know the best thing about all of these amazing Snow Fairy products? They are all VEGAN! Yep, that's right, so not only do they smell magically amazing, they're all vegan-friendly.

Lush are widely known for their array of mesmerising bath bombs and Autumn and Christmas make no exception, actually, they give an extra boost to their already existing bath bombs. As I mentioned before, I do not have access to a bath, but this doesn't stop me from purchasing them as gifts for my family and friends. There are far too many of them to go through, so I'll just tell you about some of my favourites and potential gifts for my loved ones.

My all-time Autumn favourite has to be the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. It's packed full of spicy essential oils and autumnal fruits like Limes, Grapefruit and Juniper berry. This little guy also comes with its own cinnamon stick stem and is glazed with a sparkly golden dusting. Not to mention that this pumpkin creates bubbles as big as Cinderella's coach that will fill your entire bath and make you feel like you're bathing in a sea of orange! I used to love crumbling this under the tap when I lived at home, it was the perfect way to finish off a crisp autumnal evening and leave me feeling relaxed and very much in the mood for Halloween! Muhaha!
I have a lot of friends who are very much into Wicca and Witchcraft, so I thought the perfect gifts for them would be the Bewitched bubble bar, a purr-fect gift for those who want to bathe in water as black as the night sky, yet still, want to keep it bubbly and fun. I haven't used this product myself, but when I tested it in the store, it smelled of blackcurrant and a hint of snow fairy. The only downside to this hubble-bubble bar, is that is only limited edition for Halloween, so grab it while you can! Another Witchy product that I will be getting for my Crafty friends is the Ceridwen's Cauldron bath oil, filled with Cocoa butter, oats, and flowers, this soothing oil will be perfect for those with dry skin and want to bath like a goddess! Or like Prudence's milk bath in Sabrina. Now, enough of these Halloween goodies - let's get talking about Christmas!

I would be here for days trying to tell you about all of the wonderful Christmas products Lush has to offer, I've already mentioned the majority of their Snow Fairy line. So instead, I'm just going to tell you about my favourite Christmas products that I got to try out when I was in the store and why I liked them so much!

Winter is always the season where my lips are constantly getting dried out and sometimes a little chapped, I use lip balm to help soothe them of course, but I needed to find something that would take away the dead skin on my lips in order for them to absorb the balm. Thankfully, Lush came to the rescue by showing me the new Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub. If you have never heard of a lip scrub, it is a combination of sugar granules and shea butter that you rub onto your lips to scrub off any dead skin. After using this a couple of times, I realised that it would definitely be something that is going to save my lips over the next few months, and it also tastes amazing - that's right, you can eat it! To get rid of the scrub on your lips, simply lick the product away.
Keeping with the theme of dried-out skin, going from freezing temperatures to heated rooms can be really damaging to your skin, as I mentioned previously, it's always good to keep yourself moisturised and hydrated. But maybe keeping moisturised isn't enough? Maybe you want to smell good too? Or even sparkle a little? Well then my little Lushie readers, you are in luck! The Gingerbread Man and Twilight sparkle jars are here to keep your skin lovely and soft, make you shimmer like a star and smell like a freshly baked cookie or bouquet of Lavender. Gingerbread Man is filled with organic Cocoa butter, Ginger oil, Clove bud oil and Pine needle absolute, which gives it the perfect spicy smell for Christmas. By massaging the bar onto your skin, the butter melts in and moisturises you and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, with a little warm tingle. When you poke holes into the buttons, you can then use it as a jar to sprinkle on a dusting of shimmer which again softens and smooths out the skin. I loved this product because it didn't leave my skin feeling too oily or wet, in fact, it made me feel warm and cosy, which is perfect for when you've been out in the cold! Twilight works exactly the same way, except this jar is made with Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang oil and organic Cocoa butter. The Twilight jar smelled absolutely divine and would be perfect for when you're just going to bed as the Lavender is great for sending you off for a warm and cosy good nights sleep and with a small dusting, you'll be ready for bed and shimmering like one of the stars in the sky.

Last, but not least, is possibly my favourite product of the entire Lush Christmas range, mainly because it's so fun to use. Like a bowl full of jelly, Santa's Belly will wiggle and jiggle 'til Christmas morning. This little shower jelly is filled with festive fruits like apples, and grapes, complimented with Rose and Orange absolute, which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a fresh Christmas scent! Sadly, the giant version of this jelly is not for sale, however, the small potted one works just as well, and jiggles just as much! You can lather this up in your hands or simply rub along your body. It is recommended on the pot that you should put it in the fridge or freezer to make the jelly extra chilly, but you can keep it beside your shower for easy access if you wish. With its glittery gold belt buckle, the jelly will leave small traces of glitter on your skin to make you sparkle just in time for Christmas! 

I had an amazing time at Lush's Winter Wonderland, testing out all of these incredible and festive products, which I will most definitely be purchasing in the upcoming weeks! I wish you luck on your festive shopping and hope that this post has helped persuade you to invest in vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free products for Christmas. You can follow me on all of my social media to keep up to date with products that I will be using over the winter months!
Photo credit and featuring Sophie Scribbles

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