October 08, 2018

Sadly, Virgo Season is over! But Autumn is only just beginning! I've already had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, started online shopping for my new cosy decor, and found some amazing Autumnal clothing and essentials to help get me through the first glimpse of those darker nights and colder mornings. Earlier this year I had a huge clearout of my old clothes, which included a lot of my winter attire, and now that it's getting colder, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a spot of shopping! Like most bloggers, I spend many hours on Pinterest creating clothing inspiration boards to suit my style and I recently made a 'Men's Fall Fashion Inspo' board, which includes a lot of pins of jumpers!

Whilst I was perusing the sale section of H&M, I came across this absolutely gorgeous knitted jumper, 'sweater' for the American reader, it looked very similar to one that I saw a guy wearing on my Pinterest board. So, I instantly had to buy it! I was never really a fan of cream jumpers, however, this year I seem to have taken a liking to them. This will be one of the many jumpers that I'll more than likely purchase this autumn and winter, as the colder it gets, the thicker the jumpers will be! This particular jumper is an absolute dream to wear! It keeps me lovely and warm without making me overheat, as a lot of thick jumpers tend to do, definitely a perfect fit!

It wasn't my intention to keep on shopping, I did plan on just buying one jumper, honest! But my attention was quickly drawn to a gorgeous Emerald green 'cashmere-like' number. This one reminded me a little of the one Brian wears in 'The Breakfast Club', which is kind of one of the reasons I decided to take it home with me. Green typically isn't a colour I go for, yet in the last few years of my adulthood, I have developed a strong love for deep greens, like Emerald and Jade. I don't own many green items of clothing, but the ones I do own, seem to all be in the same colour spectrum, so I think it's safe to say that this new item definitely fits in with the small collection I've collated.

Primark has never really been a great place for Men's clothing, in my opinion. They just always seem so boring, bland and basic. Definitely not representative of me! Apologies if you do shop in the Men's section... However, the Home and Women's section (and the Harry Potter section, obviously) always seem to have a few good items in them. Some men may have a real issue with shopping in the women's section and that is totally fine, but for me, because I am a very petite person (5"5 with a 28" waist) women's clothes just seem to fit me better. I more often than not do buy XS men's clothing, but on occasion, I do shop for women's jumpers, cardigans and fluffy socks (WHY DO MEN NOT HAVE ANY GREAT FLUFFY SOCKS?).

On this fine day where I found two jumpers for an absolute bargain, I happened to stroll into Primark on the off chance that I might see something I liked, and as fate would have it, I did. This oversized thick knitted grey wool cardigan was just the thing I was looking for. I've wanted a thick knit cardigan since last year and I have never been able to find one that was in my budget and fitted me nicely. I did get a Large in this, simply because I wanted it to be extra cosy and loose-fitting, I originally go the Small, then exchanged for the Medium, then exchanged again for the Large! It was a rigmarole but I got there in the end, and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's the perfect thing for settling down on a night with a blanket, scented candle and a soothing hot chocolate. 

My autumnal shopping will not end here, but for now, these are the new autumn jumpers that I am super excited to wear over the forthcoming weeks. You can always check what I am wearing by following me on Instagram and Pinterest, as they are the places where I update my fashion the most. 

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