August 23, 2018

I am a Virgo. I have always loved being a Virgo and I will embrace my Virgo-ness at any given chance. There are those who do not believe in Horoscopes or Zodiac signs, but I am not one of those people. Whilst I'm not too keen on Daily Horoscopes, I feel that personality traits and coinciding element signs, are definitely something I am passionate about.

We have now entered, what I call, Virgo season (August 23rd - September 23rd) and is my favourite time of year as Autumn is here, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte's are brewing and Halloween is fast approaching! For the readers out there who are curious, my birthday is September 3rd (the same birthday as my great, great Grandfather and the lovely Fearne Cotton), there are a lot of family birthdays in September, we're pretty much a family of Virgos, especially Virgo children.

So what are some traits of a Virgo?
•Most of us tend to be easygoing and reserved, we're very easy to talk to!
•We are people pleasers and will go out of our way to help you out.
•The biggest over-thinkers in the world... seriously. We will obsess about something for weeks, sometimes months! We won't tell you about it, though. Sorry.
•Standing our ground is something we do best, do not for a second think we are pushovers! 
•Determination is our strong point and we will always finish what we started, even if it takes a while.
•We notice and remember every little detail, even when we pretend we don't, we always pay close attention!
•Whilst we won't be mean to you, we can be very judgemental and sarcastic towards stupidity and lack of common sense.
•Nurturing is in out nature, we are big lovers but do not take this for granted.
•Virgo's love to be organised and in control. Sometimes, though, when we are struggling we will give the appearance that organised even if it's not the case.

That's just to name a few. Virgo's are really complicated and in-depth people and you can spend ages trying to figure us out, but I assure you that won't be an easy task. I feel like I'm making us sound very fronted and guarded and... that's because we are, BUT we are also very charming, compassionate, loving and will more than likely be the parental and organised friend of the group - I am, in case you were wondering. Remember Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? 90% of the things she says and does are very relatable to Virgo's. Fans of the show have speculated when the character's birthday might be, they are narrowed down to Virgo and Aries, which isn't all that surprising!

Image result for monica geller organisation gif

Virgo's are the perfectionists of all the Zodiacs and always have a set way of doing things, everything must be perfect and organised. To a Virgo, this just comes natural to us and we'll often end up driving people crazy with just how organised we are. When I was a kid and I'd have my best friend over, I wouldn't let her sit on my bed as she would crease it. She wouldn't be allowed to go through my drawers, boxes or cupboards and god forbid she moved anything out of place! Looking back I must've been a nightmare, but she's a Pieces so we got on amazingly well regardless!

I have recently been getting into crystals and I'm not really sure why. Again, crystals aren't everyone's cup of tea, but whenever I hold one I can definitely feel their energy and it makes me tingle even to this day. It's not until I did some research that I realised that the stones I felt most drawn to are the stones that are in my Zodiac! Who Knew? Here's a list (just an excuse to throw a list in) of my favourite Virgo crystals:
•Sapphire - The Virgo birthstone
•Amethyst - Helps to feel balanced and centred
•Moonstone - Insight and Intuition (as most of the time we're right)
•Rose Quartz - Brings gentleness, self-love, self-confidence and calmness

This time of the year just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and I honestly cannot contain my excitement! If you're a fellow Virgo, this is our season! Let's make it fabulous and put our Virgo-ness to use, I'm already organising my month as we speak. I can already tell that the energy for this month will bring lots of happiness and prosperity.


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