August 10, 2018

I had always wanted to be featured in a magazine, ever since I was a little boy. I even used to make my own magazines with my friends, we would use lots of drawings an stickers, I think we even added in some quizzes! And now, at the age of 21, I did it!

Last month I met with Heather Loat, editor of Wolverhampton Magazine, to talk about my life and my blog over a cup of coffee - of course! I had emailed Heather about my blog and my recent interests in photography, she was very intrigued and was excited to meet me about a potential feature in the magazine. When I first saw that email, I was aghast that she was interested in interviewing me, however I was extremely excited for this and so we set a date for a coffee!

Given my recent interest in men's fashion, I knew I had to make a good first impression, I wore some business trousers rolling up the hems, paired with my asos cut and sew shirt with reverse collar and black Doc Martens. The first thing Heather said to me upon her arrival was "I love your outfit, I knew it was you a mile away", I was of course flattered by this remark - Thanks Heather! We got our coffees and found some comfy seats by the window and we just began talking about this and that. It was nice, informal and relaxed! It felt like talking to an old a friend, I loved chatting with Heather, possibly one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. 

You can read Heather's interview on me in the latest edition of Wolverhampton Magazine on page 63. Order your copy now! Or if you are in the Wolverhampton area, be sure to look out for it in your local magazine retailers!

Upon finishing our coffee and chat, we headed up into the town centre where we met photographer Tim Thursfield for a mini photoshoot for the cover and pages of the magazine. I have worked with a handful of photographers in the last couple of years and I have to say that Tim was definitely the best about making me feel good about myself. Constantly spurting out compliments about my poses and facial expressions, I felt like I was on the red carpet for a hit Hollywood movie.

Heather asked me if I would be interested in writing a men's fashion feature for the magazine and I'll admit I was a little nervous! I had never written anything for professional purposes. A blog is simple, you pretty much to write what you want, but a magazine... This was huge! BUT I decided to do it! It would be great experience and how often do people like me get the chance to write a two page spread for a magazine? As this would be for the August issue, I thought I would write about something that had been bugging me for a while - the lack of clothing for men's work wear during the summer! If you would like to see what I wrote, I made it into a blog post which you can read here!

A few weeks passed as I waited very apprehensive for the issue to be published, then a notification popped up on my Facebook 'You have been tagged in a photo' and there it was... me on the cover of Wolverhampton Magazine!

The immediate response I got from my friends, family and online following was nothing short of overwhelming. So many people congratulated me on the article I had written and they were also delighted at what Heather had said about me and my style. Fingers crossed that this is just the start of what's in store for me and my career as I am immensely proud of myself and the achievements I have accomplished over the past few months. I hope that doesn't sound too self-centred! Once again a huge thank you to Heather,Tim and Wolverhampton Magazine for their warmth and amazing opportunity!

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