April 09, 2018

Waking up on a Monday morning, especially when you have work and the weather outside is miserable, can really set the tone for that "Monday Feeling" we're all so familiar with. However, I have devised a small 'feel-good' routine to help break that cycle and make your Monday a positive and enjoyable day. Having to get up early and go to work is negative in itself, so why carry on that negativity? Simply deal with the fact that it's a Monday and begin to make yourself feel good!

I'll admit, I never wake up looking like a model, my hair is all over the place, my skin is blotchy, my eyes are puffy and in the words of Cady Heron "I have really bad breath in the morning". But, I have found that waking up and not looking in the mirror is the best thing you can do, take a moment to fully wake up and have a little smile to yourself, it sounds silly, I know, but once you begin to smile you'll instantly feel a little happier.

Have a GOOD stretch! A morning stretch is one of the nicest feelings ever, so take your time and stretch in every position your body will allow, believe me when I say that I have somehow pulled out some moves only ever seen in 'The Exorcist'. If you wake up next to a loved one, or a friend, or even a teddy bear, give them a hug and a kiss, even if they push you off in a sleepy state! Physically connected with someone first thing can really kick-start your day, just maybe don't get too close to their mouth unless you have a gas mask on... After contemplating getting out of bed and having the "I'm just gonna quit, the universe has a plan for me" conversation for about 10 minutes, I eventually get up and go to the bathroom and do what needs to be done. Then it's straight to the kitchen!  

One of the first things I do after getting up is to switch on the kettle and prepare my morning coffee, likewise if you don't like coffee (which if you don't, I am slightly judging you, but each to their own) you can prepare your tea, hot chocolate, smoothie etc. Because there is just no way I could get through a Monday morning without it! Whilst the kettle is boiling on, I put on my 'Morning Playlist' filled with songs to get you in the groove and lift your spirits, you can even have a little dance in your kitchen if you want to!

If I happen to have a Monday off, or if I find the time before leaving for work, I'll begin to clean and tidy up the house. Once you start being productive and completing your daily chores, the rest will follow! You'll feel like accomplishing more tasks throughout the day, even at work, and you're more likely to do it at a faster pace. This isn't to say you'll complete them all, but you'll have more of a positive outlook and have more of a drive toward them. Now to some of you, you might be completely opposed to that idea, but being productive and completing tasks gives us a sense of fulfilment, which in turn releases endorphins!

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Whilst I wait for my coffee to brew, I'll begin cooking breakfast, which is my most favourite part about getting up in the morning, FOOD! My go-to breakfast is Linda McCartney's Red Onion & Rosemary sausage, with smashed Avocado on toast, drizzled with ketchup, which doesn't take as long as it may sound. If I'm in a bit of a Monday rush, I may cook something more quick and simple like a crumpet or standard toast, maybe a granola bar? I understand not everyone wants to cook in the morning, you may even want to grab coffee and breakfast on the way to work, that's fine too! 

Now that I've put myself in a good mood and I've had my coffee and breakfast, it's time to freshen up and make yourself look good as well as feel good! Giving yourself the time to have a shower in a morning gets your blood flowing and relaxes your mind, it's that five minutes of "this is me time" and you can recreate any concert scene that you like. I love stepping out the shower and getting ready for the day ahead (work or not), feeling clean and refreshed will really help set the tone of your Monday! No one wants to go out feeling dirty and gross, right?

Choosing the right outfit can be a stress in itself and can be quite time consuming, but work with what you have and what you're feeling! I tend to pick something that's stylish yet comfortable, the more comfortable you are, the better your Monday will be! If I'm really struggling though, I just head on over to Pinterest and look up some fashion inspiration to help me feel a bit more creative with my selection of clothes. Your shoes and accessories will come together naturally with your outfit.

Look in the mirror and admire your outfit, tell yourself that you look great, you feel great and that you'll have an amazing Monday! Positive affirmations may seem silly when you say them out loud, but the reassurance from yourself can be really helpful and just what you need. On my walk to the train station, I switch from my 'Morning Playlist' to something more upbeat to keep my positive attitude flowing, even if the weather is awful, you can still make your Monday a good one!

If you don't feel like doing any of these today, that's fine! Maybe next Monday, or the Monday after that?! (It doesn't even have to be a Monday, you can do this every day if you so wish!) But, it's a great start to the week and once you get those positive vibes going, no one can stop you if you don't let them! I hope you have a great Monday, now smile, make some coffee and put on some funky songs and dance shake that booty all the way to work!   



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