March 06, 2018

In addition to my video, I thought I'd make an in depth blog post about my regime. A good skincare regime is an important part of our daily lives, yet it's sometimes difficult to figure out what to use on your skin and how to use it correctly. I started to take an interest in skincare when I was a teenager as, like most of us, I suffered really bad with acne and it took some time to find the right skincare products that worked for me. In all honesty, it doesn't really matter if you buy a product from the pound shop or a high end brand, providing you know what you need and what the product contains. This also depends on your budget, are you willing to spend a little extra for the care of your skin? Or are you content with popping to your local high street store and picking up a product for less than a fiver? For me, I found that Lush products have worked better than any other brands I have tried. Some people said I was a "snob" or "jumping on the band wagon" for spending that little bit of extra money, which compared to some skincare product prices, Lush isn't that expensive in retrospect and provide a lot more than just a cleanser for your face. That being said, when I'm a little short of money at the end of the month, a good £2 bottle of Garnier does me just fine! Just a disclaimer, I am not in any way a skin professional, I am basing all my information on my personal knowledge and experiences.

Why choose Lush products? Well, aside from the fact that their products work really well with my skin, they also support a lot of good causes. All of their packaging is recycled, all their products are Vegetarian and Vegan, they use natural ingredients, they do not test on animals and fight for animal rights, they support many charities and donate money when you buy particular products and are allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The list expands way beyond that and you can read all about them on their website as I feel like I'm not doing them enough justice! I discovered Lush when I was 16, the peak of my acne days, my friend and I passed a store and decided to venture in. I talked to one of the sales team and asked her what I could use to help clear up my skin without irritating it and she asked me a very important question, "What is you skin type?".

Knowing your skin type is key when deciding on a skincare routine. To my knowledge, there are three main types of skin: Oily, Dry and Combination. I hope they are self explanatory... But deciding which one you are can be difficult as people's skin can change depending on season, diet, physical changes etc. If you really struggle with knowing which category you fall into, you can visit a dermatologist for a consultation and they will tell you all the information you require. Once you discover which skin type you are, you can begin to create your regime and buy your products! My skin type is "Oily" and so that is the skincare regime I will be talking about, however if you are a dry skin type you can check out xoSophhh's blog post! Likewise for combination skin you can check out Katelyn's blog post! Hopefully they will be able to help you with your skin type, but keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and so all of these may not work for you. It's simply a case of trial and error and finding what works best with your skin.

Side note: Lush will give you a free sample of any skincare product for you to try out at home!

Before applying any products, I like to steam my face... yes you read that correctly! It's not as extreme as it sounds, I promise. Face steaming will open up your pores allowing you to remove what's clogging them and fully cleanse your skin, I try to do this between 3-5 times a week and there are many different ways to do this. My preferred and easiest method is to fill up my kettle and wait for it to boil, plug my bathroom sink and pour the contents into the basin. Using a towel (sometimes I even flip my dressing gown over my head) I place it over my head and the sink making sure that the steam from the water can't escape. I also use this time to take some deep breaths and relax, preparing me for the day ahead or to get ready to go to sleep. I usually wait for around 5 minutes before patting my face dry with a towel. I then apply Lush's Mask of Magnaminty to my face rubbing it into my skin in circular motions, using generous amounts on my problem areas. Whilst waiting for the mask to work it's magic, I usually make a cup of tea, coffee or glass of water and take a moment to relax (sometimes clean or tidy) for around 15-20  minutes. Again I aim to do this between 3-5 times a week depending on how problematic my skin is during the week or month.

After rinsing off the Mask of Magnaminty, I gently rub the Ultrabland cleanser into my face using circular motions, taking extra care around the area surrounding my eyes. I like this cleanser a lot and is my go-to Lush product (which also works on most skin types), it contains Rose water, Almond oil, fresh Iris extract and Honey. Whilst the product is Vegetarian, I am however looking for a Vegan alternative to this product, if you have any recommendations please let me know! The Rose water and Iris help to calm and sooth the skin so it will not get irritated during the cleansing process, which goes in hand with the Almond Oil hydrating the skin so not to make it dry and strip it of its natural oils. The honey moisturises the skin whilst also being an antiseptic helping clear away all the bacteria of your face. I then wipe the product away with a damp flannel or cloth, although you can use cotton pads if you prefer. When I have finished washing my hair and body, I dry myself off before continuing my routine (another blog post on my shower routine will be available in the future!)

Once I have patted my face dry with a clean towel I then spritz the Tea Tree Water over my face and leave to dry. You could also spray the contents onto a cotton pad and wipe your face if that's your preferred method. Using a toner in your skincare regime is a vital part in balancing out that oily skin! Toning your face gives it that extra boost of cleanliness and allows you to get rid of the dirt you may have missed when cleansing. Tea Tree is great for acne prone skin as it is antibacterial and will get rid of all the nasty things clogging your pores. You don't just have to use this product in your regime though, this spray can be applied throughout the day whenever you want your skin to feel a little refreshed or are feeling a little on the oily side, a couple of sprays of this toner water will set you right!

Now that the toner water has dried, I begin to focus on my problem areas. I still get the odd spot or two, usually around my cheeks and forehead, but since keeping up with this routine my skin has improved significantly, more so since discovering this tiny little bottle: Grease Lightning. Squirting a tiny amount onto my finger, I dab the gel onto any part of my skin that is having a breakout an it prevents to spots from forming and minimises their visibility over night! At first I was skeptical, but after using it for a week I fell in love with it and is now an avid part of regime. Unlike most "zit zapping" gels, this doesn't contain any harmful acids that dry out the skin, but is actually infused with Lavender and Aloe Vera to help sooth the skin whilst using Witch Hazel to target those problem areas. Much like the toner water, you can apply this multiple times throughout the day, I usually do this when I get up in the morning and before I got sleep at night.

During my teenage years of developing a skincare routine, I never bothered with moisturiser. My logic was that my skin was already so oily, why would I add more oil to my face? I soon discovered that making moisturiser a part of my skincare was very important, as moisturiser helps to balance out your skins oil regulation. After following the previous steps, we have stripped away most the skins natural oils, therefore your glands will sense that your face is dry and produce more oil onto your skin, which is not what you want! By applying moisturiser you are helping to rehydrate your skin, whilst regulating your skins oil production. For oily skin types, you want to find a moisturiser that hydrates the skin without adding excess oil, that's why I use Enzymion. Consisting of Lemon, Avocado, Papaya and Aloe Vera, this little pot of joy does wonders for you skin (and smells amazing too!) Applying a pea sized amount to both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, I gently massage the product into my face with circular motions, I also apply a small amount to my neck after shaving. 

I see a lot of people moisturise their face, but rarely see them taking care of their eye area. In honesty, up until a few months ago, I didn't either and so I can't be too judgemental! Since using this product however, my under eyes look brighter and feel smoother and has reduced the visibility of dark circles. Enchanted Eye Cream contains Almond oil, Lavender Honey water and Jojoba oil which delicately nourishes and smooths the under eye area.

And we're done! This completes my current Lush skincare routine. If you follow this routine or try out these products please let me know or comment on my post or Instagram.


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