March 16, 2018

Brighton has always had a special place in my heart, ever since I first travelled there as a teenager, I stayed with my friend who lived on one of the highest points in the city. You could see everything ocean and beyond, to the fields, the city and even Hove! When people ask me why I love the city so much, I can't give them a simple answer because there are just so many reasons that I cannot possibly narrow it down. The first thing you'll notice when you go to Brighton is that not one person looks or dresses the same, people are free to be as they please and the energy that emits is overwhelming. Speaking of energy, Brighton (to me) is a very spiritual place and you'll find lots of New Age stores in every corner, especially in the Lanes. 

Looking back at my teenage self, it's not surprising that I fell in love with the city. It's full of diversity and I don't just mean the people, want to feel like you're in a mini hustle and bustle of London? No problem, take a 5 minutes walk into town and you'll find it. Want a quiet rural walk with no noise? Simple, take a trip to Preston Park or even some of the fields next to the city. Fancy a little splash in the sea? Well lucky for you the ocean is just at your doorstep. I could go on but you get my point. No matter your mood or company, there is always something to do and place for everything, even when it seems like you've explored the entirety of Brighton, sometimes it's nice to just back on the Pier and look out as far as you can see.

The pier has to be one of my favourite Brighton locations, I guess because it just has so much history that just cannot be ignored. It has a certain magic to it, but you have to capture it at the right time in order for it to be effective. Dusk, just after the sun has set, it's still light but you can see the night is slowly creeping. The lights from the pier and its rides are glowing, there is music and chattering of people in the distance, you lean against the bars that overlook the English Channel and there it is. The magic. It's kind of a "you have to be there" moment, but I did my best at trying to describe it. I'm smiling just at the thought! 

I couldn't write this post without mentioning that Brighton is an amazing place for photography and modelling. With so many gorgeous buildings and hidden away streets, you can literally step into a different world and pretend you're an ASOS model or something. It's only recently that I've stepped into the blogging scene, so to do the whole "sometime take photos of me" thing can be daunting, but I think I've managed so far. Plus, being in Brighton makes it that whole lot easier as I think it's a common art that people have grown accustomed to. My most recent trip was to visit my good friend Ben Walker and he kindly took these amazing photos for me and we may have treated ourselves to many, many, MANY cups of coffee.

The coffee scene in Brighton is nothing short of delicious, I mean sure a good Starbucks or Costa is grand, but there's nothing like sipping a well brewed coffee in an independent coffee shop... or in my case coffee's, and shop's, because one cup isn't enough. Another teenage throwback, my first coffee in Brighton was at a wonderful little nook called 'The Marwood', which everyone abbreviates to 'Marwoods'. I had never been to such a cool coffee shop in all my life, up until then at least, so I was in heaven! And also the coffee was just incredible, it was presented in a little glass jar and I lost my shit. Coffee? In a jar? Whaaaat? Years and many coffee shops later, Marwoods still remains one of the most unique coffee shops I've been to, if you live in or visit Brighton and haven't yet been, I strongly recommend that you do.

Leaving Brighton always makes me a bit teary eyed. Every time I visit, I always end up making these lovely memories that I fondly look back on from time to time. It's definitely a place I will visit more often, even if it takes me hours and have to travel half the country to get there, it's well worth it. I'm in no way a Brighton expert or tour guide, but from my experiences here, I can happily say it's my home away from home. I cannot wait to see you again, but until then Brighton, this blog post will have to do.

Thank you to Ben, for taking these amazing shots and for all the coffee we consumed that day. 

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