February 16, 2018

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I finally did it! I finally created a blog, a place to put all my thoughts, photos and well... just about anything and everything. For a while now I have wanted to create a blog, but never thought I had the capability to do so, that and the fact I thought that no one would ever care to read anything I wrote. Yet here I am, typing away as though I've been doing it for years, a natural if you please. I have been watching videos on YouTube for the past month on "How to Start a Blog" and 9/10 of them said "starting a blog is the easiest thing you can do", well let me tell you now, starting this blog was THE MOST difficult thing I've done in a while. Despite that, I have rather enjoyed learning about HTML's and CSS and diving in to the blogger world, I guess that's just the virgo in me... what can I say? I'm a sucker for knowledge and learning!

I'm excited to begin this new experience, blogging will completely different to anything I have done before, but I have faith that I will accomplish this goal! 2018 is the year of change, the year for growth, self improvement and self love. It's going to be hard work, but the fulfilment of achieving your goals will be worth it. Creating this blog was Step 1, which is the hardest part in my opinion, Step 2 will be sharing lots of posts in the following weeks, I sincerely hope that you like them.

So what exactly will I be posting about? Good question! I aim to post a variety of things ranging from my lifestyle, fashion, skincare, veganism, the list goes on really. When I was doing research before starting this blog, a lot of people advised to find a "niche" which is all well and fine, but it's rather complicated for me as I want to write about so many different topics. Therefore "from the off" I am stating that this blog shall not have a particular "niche" as it were, but many variations. Either way I would love to know what you think of my posts, so as the weeks go on please feel free to use the comment box below the posts. Likewise, if you wish to be notified when I make a new post you can set up an email subscription or subscribe at the bottom of my blog. 

My next blog post will be up within the next week, I'm sure you'll love it! Until then, take care and I hope you have a lovely day. 


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