February 23, 2018

Having a spot of greenery in the home is something that I've always grown up with. As a kid, I loved helping my parents and grandparents water their indoor plants and potter around in the garden, although in the summer my hay-fever would usually get the better of me. As an Earth sign, I've always felt a close connection with plants and nature, I would always be the one who's Cress would grow the quickest at school, blessed with a green thumb! Plus taking care of plants is much easier than a taking care of pet or child, at least for now.

Cacti have a special place in my heart and for a very good reason. When I lived at my Mum's flat, we had a glass bowl (with some sort of handle... but not a handle) filled with various small cacti and small stones to cover the soil. It sat nice and snug on the windowsill of our small bathroom window and had been there for as long as I could remember, actually I think it's still there now! So it comes as no surprise that my apartment ended up full of them, it's a growing collection and they're cute and take minimal care.

When I was around the age of 18/19, my Mum bought me my first plant! Thanks Mum! It was a Dracaena Marginata, otherwise known as Dragon Plant, and came in a small white pot, so of course my basic aesthetic self fell in love with it. My Mum already had two of her own, they resided in the living room, so I felt like they had a new sibling. I even named her, yes it's a she, her name is Cherlene (Southern accent pronunciation please). Being kept in my old bedroom was really starting to take a toll as there wan't much light, luckily I moved out in March 2017 and within in no time I managed to transform a withering plant into a flourished green beauty. I guess spending all that time gardening when I was younger finally paid off.    

Whenever we go shopping I always keep my eyes open for new plants to fill my home with. On Valentine's Day, for the past two years, my boyfriend bought me potted plants as a gift and its honestly the best present I could receive. Just this week I brought home a bunch of Daffodils to put in the vase on the windowsill, granted they don't last as long but they do make the place more radiant and colourful, especially now that spring is upon us. I strongly encourage you to fill your home with these wonderful commodities, you won't be disappointed I assure you.

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